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Barrister Babu, 4th July 2021, Written Episode Update, Bondita Plans To Meet Anirudh!


The episode begins with Tupur as she is telling Bondita whatever happened in the past few hours. She says to her how Roychoudharys are responsible for her burnt face. Bondita gets stunned hearing her. Here, Anirudh tells Trilochan that he has forgotten Bondita and they also don’t have any relation with each other but Trilochan says to him that he will lose in front of Bondita’s innocence. Anirudh says to him that he shouldn’t forget whatever happened in the past. Chandrachur says to Tupur that she is not ugly at all but the world’s beautiful girl. Tapur tells her that Anirudh came to say sorry to Thakuma which shocks Bondita.

Barrister Babu

Here, Anirudh reminisces when she went to Thakuma to apologize to her and she attempted to shot him. She also tells him that how Anirudh stands strong after seeing the gun in front of him. She says that this shows how much he cares for Bondita. She adds that after all this, Kalindi pretended that she is feeling sorry for her actions and asks Anirudh to come to Tupur’s marriage and Anirudh agreed. But when he came to her wedding, Kalindi mixed poison in Anirudh and Trilochan’s food due to that their condition turns worse. She says since then no one is in relation with the Tulsipur people.

Anirudh gets injured by breaking the glass in his hands. Sampoorna sends Haldi lep for Anirudha but he doesn’t apply it as Bondita used to use it when someone got injured. He leaves the place. Sumati comes to Bondita to talk to her. She says to her that she will not meet Anirudh as now she knows everything that happened in the past. Bondita says to her mother that she can’t take any decision by hearing the one-sided story. She says that if Anirudh has broken all his relations with Kalindi’s family then why she spent so much on her studies.

Bondita decides to meet Anirudh so that she can sort the things. Sumati leaves from there angrily. Somnath gives first aid to Anirudh’s wound. Trilochan gets angry at Anirudh as he never looks after himself. Somnath asks them to set fire in Krishna Nagar before Kalindi would do anything to the Tulsipur people. Anirudh reprimands Somnath for suggesting them something like this. Anirudh gets a call from Bondita. He says hello then Bondita feels relief hearing his voice. Anirudh also feels some connection. Don’t miss to watch the episode of “Barrister Babu” on Colors at 08:30 PM.

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