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Barrister Babu, 31 March 2021, Written Update, Bondita Perform The Ceremony?


The next episode of “Barrister Babu” is ready with its script to entertain its spectators and this show is already receiving good TRP ratings in terms of entertainment. This show is particularly talking about women’s empowerment and the problems the women faced at the time of the pre-independence era. The show as usual begins with the main lead Bondita who is thinking about Manorama and then she gets unhappy as she does not want to give her the right to anybody.

Barrister Babu

In the other scene, Sampoorna calls Bondita to start the ritual and Bondita is praying from god to give her the power so that she can accomplish her promise which she gave to Anirudh. Then Bondita starts the ritual in which she asks Manorama to look at the mirror and then Manorama touches the feet of Bondita. Sampoorna is doing everything in order to hurt her and then she asks  Bondita to give blessing to the new couple Anirudh and Manorama.


Then Bondita blessed the couple and give her watch as her blessing. Everyone gives their blessing to the new couple whereas Anridhu thinks he can do anything for the sake of Bondita future and he will do everything for her bright future. Sampoorna says Anridhu knows all rituals and he already performed previously. Whereas Bodnita starts preparing the next ritual and she continuously thinking about the words of Anirudh.

When Bondita thinking all these things Sampoorna came there and says I think Anirdhu forgets that you are also his wife. Bondita says nothing is like that and Anrirudh can not forget and you will understand it soon. In the other scene, Manorama and Anirudh performing the ritual of finding the coin in rose milk water and Sampoorna say to Bondita to see both indulge in the ritual and enjoying it. The women are making fun of Anriudh for taking too much time for finding the coin.

Then Bondita says it’s not his mistake, I just completely forget to put the coin in it and then she puts the coin inside it. Anridhu thinks that he is doing everything for Bondita and this marriage is only to disguise the focus of Bondita from Anirudh so that Bondita can focus on her studies. Bondita is feeling very bad and angry at the same time but she shut her mouth only for the promise she gives to Anirudh.

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Anirudh plans to send Bondita to the boarding school and Trilochand says Anirudh is not doing good with Bondita. And then he goes to Anirudh and says Bondita accept your second marriage and it’s now your turn to take care of your both wives and for that, you have to divide your days between both the wives.

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