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Barrister Babu, 28th October 2021, Written Update, Bondita Looks Into Mallika’s LOCKET


Barrister Babu, 28th October 2021, Written Update: Today’s episode begins with Bondita as she open’s Malika’s locket. Bondita tells her that there is only one picture. Mallika says to her that she knows Batuk’s anger and once they had a fight so he threw it. Batuk sees the picture on the floor and hides it. Batuk asks Bondita to let them go from there. Malika says she has to do some work with Anirudh so if she can take her husband for some time. Malika asks her to come to her room else she will come to Bondita’s room. After that, Some people come to the mansion and say to Batuk that they came to invite Barrister Bondita to honor her. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Barrister Babu

Batuk says that she can’t come so they may leave now. Bondita thinks she is feeling that he is not Anirudh but someone else. Bondita asks him why he sent the people telling them that she can’t come to take the award. Batuk says that some decisions she can take without her consent. She says that he wants her to collect more awards then why now he wants her to be at home. Batuk says he denied it to the people because it’s very late and Kolkata is not safe. He asks her to sleep. Bondita obeys.

Here, Mallika is waiting for Batuk in her room. Batuk confirms if Bondita falls asleep and goes to Malika’s room. Malika and Batuk dance together and make love. They take shower together while romancing. There, Bondita wakes up and sees Anirudh is not with her. She hears water dripping and thinks maybe someone forgets to off the tap. Batuk comes out wet and gets shocked Bondita. Malika also comes out and Bondita gets surprised. Malika makes an excuse saying that the tap was leaking so she asks Anirudh to fix it.

Bondita laughs and says to Batuk to change fast else she will get wet. Bondita says that she knows Batuk and Malika meet for some reason but a wife cannot see her husband with anyone else so asks Batuk to take her with him if he goes at night. Bondita says that they should call Batuk back home so that their marriage preparation could be started. She says that her child will also get his uncle and aunt. Batuk asks her to sleep as it’s very late already. He says that he will talk about this later. Bondita finds some letters in her handwriting and thinks about who is trying to copy her handwriting. Don’t miss to watch the upcoming episode of “Barrister Babu” on Colors at 08:30 PM.

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