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Barrister Babu 25th March 2021 written update: Bondita Throws Sinddor Thaal


We are here with a written episode update of Barrister Babu on 25th March 2022. The episode begins with Bondita tries to talk to Anirudh but he shut the door to her face. And Anirudh gets emotional and wonders “Bondita must have to feel this pain as this is the way she can become a good student and focus on her studies. ” Trilochan is praying to god and thinks “how can he make Bondita understand everything. I’ m feeling that I have no words to make Bondita understand the reality”.

Barrister Babu

Barrister Babu

Bihari uses to bring tea for him but it is tasteless and Trilocham gets angry. Then he asks Bihari to fetch his stick but Bihari tells him that it’s in his hand already. And Trilochan asks him who makes the tea, Bihari replies when Chhoti bahu gets angry everything seems colorable. Later Aniprudh comes here and says the haveli is looking simple why didn’t anyone decorates it. He uses to say I want celebration and all the essential rituals to play. Bondita in her room listening to all the things and she gets emotional.

Later Smapoorna enters Manorama’s room and she notices some personal stuff of Manorama and she uses to check it but Manorama is there in the room and she gets worried about whether Samporna sees her tools. Hence she stops Smapoorna to check her stuff. And Sampoorna says si here to help to get ready but you are already ready and looking beautiful. While Bondita locks herself in the Almirah.

Sampoorna goes to Bondita and tells her to come out as we have to perform rituals. And everyone comes together in the hall to follow rituals meanwhile Bondita also reaches there. Where see she that Sampoorn ais holding a thaal ofd Sindoor. And Smapoorna says “new bride will going to apply Sindoor in her Maang by Anirudh”. Bondita standing there is feeling disheartening seeing all these. And when Manorama about to apply to Sindoor meanwhile Bondita comes and she throws the Sindoor Thaal. The Sindoor falls on Bondita and drops in her Maang also.


Everyone gets shocked seeing this behavior of Bondita. Anirudh is about to leave from there but Bpndita uses to hold his hand stops him. She asks him why did he marry to someone else as he promises her that he will never leave her. And ditch her. But you broke my heart and I never accepted this from you.” watch the full episode on colors tv at 8:30from Monday to Friday.

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