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Barrister Babu 24th March 2021 Today’s Episode Written Update: Anirudh Gets Married To Manorama


Representing you the written episode update of “Barrister Babu” on 24th March 2021. The episode begins with Bomdita tries her best to not fall asleep as she is eagerly waiting for the Triclochan in the hope that He will definitely fetch Anirudh with him. And Triclochan goes to Anirudh’s room where he says “Anirudh whatever you have done is wrong and how can you even think of getting married a second time.

Barrister Babu

Are you forget that you are already married and you have a wife, Do you even aware of how bad Bondita is feeling right now, she doesn’t even go to sleep yet and waiting for you.” Anirudh is trying to hide himself and his face from Trilochan and Bonita. Trilochan uses to taunt him for his ethics and principles. Anirudh replies that “I don’t want to make Bondita understand anything at any cost, she has to understand each and everything by herself. And I can’t do anything now.’

But Trilochan doesn’t stop and says “you have become so rude and whatever you did isn’t expected from you.” Later Anirudh locks himself in the bathroom and he uses to wonders about Bondita. He wonders about her good and regretting but whatever he did is just for the betterment of Bondita. Meanwhile, Manorama enters the room and she hears Anirud’s voice and tells him to open the bathroom door and comes out. She also mentions if you don’t have any problem sharing your grief with then I’m here and we can discuss it.

While on the other side Trilochan getting worried for Anirudh and Bondita. And he notices Manorama brings a glass of water for Anirudh and this makes him wonder “Anirudh might get attracted to Manroam because of her maturity. But no one can replace Bondita she is the best.”And Anirudh tells Manorama that we will not be going to tell anything about our marriage. Because the truth might affect Bondita’s life and this grief will make her strong to fight against reality. I want her to focus on her studies and this the only way she can g ahead.”

Manorama asks him “what about you, as you are also not fine here. Bondita can cry but you can’t hence, you must go to her and talk to her.” But Anirudh denies it. Bondita is about to enter Anirudh’s room but she sees Manoraama there and moves into her room. Watch the full episode on Colors Tv at 8:30 fromĀ  Monday to Friday.


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