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Barrister Babu 24th August 2021 written update full episode: Anirudh & Bondita’s Cupboard Romance!


Today’s episode begins with Sampurna as she asks Bondita to think about her decision, she can’t go as he loves her a lot. Bondita says but she doesn’t love him at all. Sampurna says that she is lying and asks why is she stopping herself to accept love for Anirudh. Sumati comes there and tells Sampurna that Bondita is doing all this because she asks her to do it by giving a swear at herself. She asks Sampurna to go now else she will lose her life. She says that she doesn’t afraid of it. Bondita then tells Sampurna not to force her for loving Anirudh.

Barrister Babu

Sampurna says to her that she will not able to go away from Anirudh as her love will increase with time. She says that she will understand this tomorrow on Janmashtmi. Sampurna leaves the place while Bondita recalls her words.  Bondita gets a call from Anirudh who asks her if she is crying. Bondita says no. He asks if she is crying. Anirudh thinks that she is crying because she is going away from him. Bondita says that he is wrong as she is not going to die without him. Anirudh says but he will. He says that he wants to be the reason for her smile, not pain.

He tells her that she is coming to meet her tomorrow and will confess his love in front of everyone. He adds that no one will be able to stop him tomorrow. She asks her not to come as Kalindi will get angry and will create a scene. Anirudh hangs the call. The next day, everyone prays to Krishna Ji along with Bondita. Tapur praises Bondita. Bondita asks where is Krishna for Jhanki. Tapur tells her that he falls sick who was about to come as Krishna. Chandrachur decides that today he will get Bondita at any cost.

Here, Anirudh gets ready to go to Krishna Nagar and decides to confess his love. But Trilochan locked him in the room. He shouts to open the door. Bihari comes there but Trilochan stops him saying that Anirudh will not go anywhere as the Krishna Nagar people gave them the responsibility to help Bondita to go to London without any obstacles. Anirudh gets shocked but then says that no one can stop him today. There, Chandrachur made a plane to get Bondita. Somehow, Anirudh managed to come out of the room and reach Krishna Nagar in Krishna Ji’s attire. Don’t forget to watch the full episode of “Barrister Babu” on Colors at 08:30 PM.

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