Barrister Babu 23 September 2021 full episode written update: Today’s episode begins with Bondita as she says that a women’s other name is strength. She says that Anirudh is her husband and she is not going to let him get any type of punishment. She adds that she will prove him innocent. Subodh says to Trilochan what type of joke is going on here. He gives him a challenge that Anirudh is going to get the death punishment and the whole family will cry for him. Bondita gives him a handkerchief and says that soon he will need it as he is going to lose the case for sure.

Barrister Babu

Subodh says to her that men don’t cry like women. He says that he is fighting the case for 15 years and has never lost any. Bondita can’t beat him. Bondita says this time, he won’t win. She adds that this is not just a profession for her but a test to save her husband. Subodh says that she will lose easily. Bondita makes him silent stating he didn’t get a good teacher like Anirudh that’s why he is talking like this. He says that he is not going to fight this case where the opponent is a woman. Bondita asks if he gets afraid of her.

He accepts the challenge and says that today he will prove that women don’t deserve equal rights. He adds that Bondita did wrong by wearing this robe when she deserves to do only household works. Bondita also challenges him that she will prove him wrong and will prove that a woman can handle everything. Trilochan says that Bondita is their last hope. Suddenly a person spill tea on Bondita’s robe. Trilochan asks her to change it in the washroom. Bondita tells that there is no women’s washroom in the court. Subodh asks his assistant to do something to break Bondita’s pride.

He asks him to mix something in the food and give it to her so that she continuously goes to the washroom. Later, Someone gives prasad to Bondita and she eats. After some time, She feels uneasy and goes to the washroom. Trilochan questions her where is she going as the hearing is about to start. She says that she will come soon. Bondita is unable to go washroom as there is no women’s washroom so she decides to go men’s washroom but finds it locked. The guard says that he doesn’t have keys. She asks him to get it. He goes. In the courtroom, Subodh makes fun of Bondita so Anirudh defends her. Later, the guard gets the keys and opens the washroom. The other lawyers taunt her for using the men’s washroom. Don’t miss watching the latest episode of “Barrister Babu” on Colors at 08:30 PM.


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