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Barrister Babu, 22 May 2021, Today’s Episode, Written Update, Anirudh Ousted By Thakuma!


Currently, the show is grabbing the attention of the audiences with its twists and challenges in the life of Bondita creating by Thakumaa and the way Anirudh is trying to solve her problems is like a cherry on the cake. Anirudh wears the attire of a woman so that he can live with Bondita in the house of Thakumaa and teaches her and the fans like this new get-up of Anirudh. Many twists and surprises are featuring in the upcoming episodes and from these let’s unfold one twist in front of you.

Barrister Babu

In today’s episode, Bondita will again receive the punishment from Thakumaa but what will be the reason for this let’s find out. The episode begins with Bondita who is asking Thakumaa to come with her so that she can show the truth of Roopa’s to her. On the other side, Anirudh is trying to hide from Rimjhim but Rimjhim already notices him and asks him that why you are trying to hide?

Anirudh says I am not hiding in fact I was sweeping. On the other side, Bondita asks Thakumaa to check Roopa. In the defend Roopa says my saree gets lax and then in this reply, Thakumaa says come here my home has many costly things and I will surely check you but I don’t get one thing that I am also a woman so why you are afraid with my touch.

On the other side, Anirudh is doing a drama and says I am not a thief but your allegation will defame my character and you know very well once if my character will get defame I will not get work from anywhere but if still, you want to check me you can but I am still saying I am not a thief and you will regret after this investigation.

Thakumaa says to Roopa fine I am not going to check you and also will not take your job back and now let’s get back to the work without wasting further time as you all are already wasted a lot of time. Anirudh feels relax and thinks about how he will go, to tell the truth to Bondita. In the upcoming episode, the viewers also watch that Bondita gets to know the truth of Anirudh that he wearing the attire of a woman in order to teach her and make her Barrister Babu. That’s all for today we will soon back with another update of the serial but till then enjoy this episode of “Barrister Babu” on the colors channel at 8:30.

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