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Barrister Babu 22 March 2021 Today’s Episode Written Update: Anirudh Gets Married To Manorama


Here we are here with a written episode update of Barrister Babu ob 22 March 2021. The episode begins with  Anirudh is behaving as a dacoit, prest tel everyone to level from there as dacoit will going to marry the bride. Everyone gets tensed seeing dacoit here and Sampoorna left the spot anling with Trilochan and Bondita. Later everyone gets shocked when seeing the real one behind dacoit. It is none other than Anirudh. Bondita use to hit dacoit effigy and later Triclochan removes dacot;’s veil. And the truth shocked them all.

Barrister Babu

Later, all the villagers use to taunt Anirudh and Manorama, for getting married secretly. Trilochan scolds Anirudh but he too gets angry and says “I’m also a human and can do whatever I want so you have no right to stop me .” this makes Sampoorna happy and she smiles. He tells pandit to start chanting wedding mantras. And Bondita standing there gets shocked seeing all this drama. She tries to stop him by saying “no Anirudh you can’t get married to another woman. But he scolds and her say none can stop me now not even you. She cried and go back home.

Anirudh gets worried for Bondita. He wonders “Bondita might get hurt from my actions and she might not going to talk to me. But I’m doing this for the entire girls so, that they can get their right for education. Also, this marriage is just part of a plan.  And as I promise to Manorma I have to help her anyhow.” Bondita at home and she go to sleep. The reactions of all the family members are changed towards Anirudh and they count his actions as bad ones. Trilochan is also in shock and not ready to accept what happened.

The next morning, Bondita wakes up and she yells no. This can’t happen. Anirudh can’t hurt me and leave me, he can’t get married to another woman. And she has some water then use to pray to God. She prays to Lord shiv Ji ” I request you to don’t bring this day in my life ever. I can’t bear it, I love Anirusdh and want him with me forever. and she later rushes to Anbnirudh rooms where she sees footprints and gets stunned. She decides to ask everything to Anirudh. Watch the full episode on Colors Tv at 8:30 pm from Monday to Friday. Catch all the updates on the upcoming episode of “Barrister Babu” by following us.

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