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Barrister Babu, 1st April 2021, Written Update, Anirudh Stops Bondita For Chanting The Arti


Catch all the written updates of the most appreciated daily soap “Barrister Babu” on 1st April. The episode begins with Bpndita is sitting in her room meanwhile Manorama also comes there and she tries to talk to Bondita. But Bondita remembers Anirudh’s words and she sits on the sofa. Manorom goes to her and tries t talk to her.

Barrister Babu

But Bondita teases her. Manorama exclaims that “I can understand what you are going through. Let me apply for medicine for your wound. No one can defeat Manorama.” Bondita also says and one has the guts to win from me. On this Manoraman ask her to touch her nose by her tongue and Bondita uses to try it but unable to do it. And meanwhile, Manorama applies for medicine to her injury. Trilochan is standing outside and looking at them he smiles seeing this.

Smapoorana also comes there she has an argument with Manorama. She warns Manorama to be within her limits and she has to follow her orders as I’m your mother-in-law. But Manorama leaves from there by saying “I only respect those who are deserving.” Later Trilochan calls Manorama to chant Arti od goddess Durga meanwhile Bondita wonders that “everyone is separated from me but n on can separate me from goddess Durga and I will chant the Arti.

Bur Anirudh tells Manoram to Chant Arti so, that she gets hurt and focus get studies. But Bondita plans to stop Manorama by applying fevicol at the sitting area so, that Manorama can get stuck there and can’t be able to chant Arti. Anirudh gets to know about her plan. Whereas Bondita gets jealous seeing Mnaoram and Anirudh’s holding hands, hence she pours hot water on their hands so they get deattached.

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Later both go for the Arti. Where Trilochan asks Manorama to chant Arti but she denies by saying “I don’t remember Arti.” Meanwhile, Bondita says then word id totally waste if we don’t chant the Arti. And only obedient ladies of this house knows the Arti. Hence these are our rituals and we all should learn Arti. And tells Trilochan “I think I have to do Arti now.” But Anirudh stops her by saying only Manorama will do the Arti. But Manorama falls Arti Thaal on the floor which makes Trilochan angry. And the episode ends here to watch the full episode on Colors Tv at 8:30 from Monday to Friday. Stay Connected With Us At Getindianews.com

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