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Barrister Babu 18th June 2021 full episode written update: Bondita Reveals Thakuma’s Deceit!


The episode begins with the father of the groom Denise accepting the proposal of Bondita when he gets to know the truth that Bondita is already married. He is about to leave from there but Thaku Maa uses to hold her hands in front of him request him to not leave. Thaku Maa tells him that “I know she is divorced but my granddaughter is intelligent and smart as well.”

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After this Narayan replies that “I understand that Bondita doesn’t get married to my son then this will be the most shameful for you hence I’m ready t tale her with us but as an entertainer nit as a daughter in law.” Listening to these words from him Thanku Maa get s angry and she shouted at him by saying that “how do you dare to talk shit about my grad daughter. After this Bondita also take a stand for herself and she says to Natayn that he has the worst thought about a girl or a woman. As he said that a woman is a thing for him.

Bondita also says that “because the people are in this society me nad Anirudh scarifies our marred life so that we can change the thinking of the people like you and abolish child marriage.” She, not only stops here and keeps talking about aginst the child marriage and for the favor of girls and all the women of the society. She keeps on taunting the thoughts of all the males against the females.

Later she denies accepting the proposal of Narayan’s son. On the other hand, we will see that Anirudh is badly injured and Trilochna is requesting him to go back home for treatment. But Anirudh denies to go back in and he says that I won’t because I want to see my Bibduta fight against child marriage. The next day Thaku Maa calls the priest and she asks him if there is any way to clean Bondita and remove a divorce tag from her so that no one can deny getting marry her. And the episode ends here.

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