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Barrister Babu 16th June 2021 full episode written update: Thakuma’s Sinister Plan


Today’s episode begins with Anirudh as he sees that the groom’s family reaches Kalindi’s house. Anirudh thinks about how Bondita agreed to all this. Here, Bondita is thinking about the girl for whom the groom’s family has come. Thakuma asks Bondita to handle the guests till the bride comes. Bondita offers food to them. The groom’s family asks her about her name. They praise the food and she is filled with many qualities. She feels strange as they are asking her the questions. She goes to Kalindi and asks why are they questioning and complimenting her. She says that they are seeing her saree.

Barrister Babu

Thakum asks her to handle the situation. Groom’s family talks more about Bondita. Thakuma says that Bondita sings beautifully and asks her to sing. She sings a Bhajan and they all praise her for her singing. Bondita asks why are they keep asking about her qualities and Kalindin also telling them everything. The groom’s family likes Bondita and says that they accept her as her daughter-in-law. Bondita gets stunned hearing them. She asks Kalindi about all this taking her aside. She says that she wants to make her life beautiful. She says that she didn’t say anything in front of them but will not accept this proposal ever.

On the other hand, Sumati says sorry to Bondita inside for not supporting her. Anirudh desperately wants to know whatever is happening in the house. Tapur tells him everything about how Bondita refuses to accept the proposal. Anirudh gets amused hearing her. He thinks that Bondita is on the way to become Barrister. He says thanks to Tapur for helping him. Kalindi tells a lie to the guests that Bondita felt shy so she went.  Kalindi fixes the engagement. Anirudh says to Trilochan that Bondita denies getting married but Kalindi is stubborn. Trilochan thinks when Kalindi will understand that she is doing wrong.

Later, Anirudh gets a letter that reads Bondita got admission to London’s school. He gets amused reading the letter. Trilochan says that Kalindi will not let her go. Anirudh says that he will shift with Bondita and no one can then stop her. Kalindi tells everyone not to tell Bondita about the engagement. Sumati says to Thakuma not to force her daughter to marry. Kalindi says that she will handle everything. Then Kalind mixes the medicine in Bondita’s food from which she feels dizzy. She decides to get Bondita married as soon as possible. Catch the episode of “Barrister Babu” on Colors at 08:30 PM.

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