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Barrister Babu, 15 April 2021, Written Update, Anirudh Cries For Bondita


Here we are with a written episode update of “Barrister Babu” on 15th April 2021. The episode begins with Bondita is buying a dessert for herself and talking to her friend about keeping a secret by offering him that dessert and fruits. He tells her that he needs something else to keep his mouth shut then she offers him Ladoos. Batuk asks to hear why is she hiding the truth that she has got the first position. Bondita tells him that “she want to give surprise to Anirudh.”

Barrister Babu

On the other side, Manonram is stitching a coat to execute her plan and she is wondering “now no one can stop me yo execute that plan. Meanwhile, Anirudh comes to her stand he ask her what is she hiding. He sees a coat in her hand and he is happy to see it. On the other hand, Bondita is excited about the same coat and she gets happy when she sees it as it is looking the same as Manorama’s coat. She uses to thanks the tailor, while the lady tailor also happy to see Bondita’s excitement Bondita and blessed her.

Bondita wonders “to exchange this coat for the real one as only I have the right to wear it.” Anirudh tells Manorama that “I like and appreciated the dedication you have to work against the evil persons for the country.” Manorama also tells Anirudh that “how happy and impressed she is with the thought and dream he has for Bondita and works for it with strong willpower.”

Anirudh tells Manorama that Bondita is going to have another chance to prove herself and she gets goof marks then she has to leave for the hostel and this makes him sad. Manorama asks him whether he can live without Bonduta he replies “I don’t know as she is the one whom I have shared a good and quality time. She is the most innocent person of my life and I know I have to be strong.”

Later Manorama involves in executing her plan but she faces some troubles. Bbdita is there and she sees where Manorama hangs the coat and she get into Manoramas room to pick that original coat. And the episode ends here. Watch the full episode at 8:30.

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