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Barrister Babu 14th April 2021 Written Update: Manorama Hides Something


We are back with the update of the most beloved show “Barrister Babu” on 14th April 2021. The show is highly watched by the audience due to its astonishing storyline and it’s grabbing the attention of everybody. The storyline of the show is quite similar to the other stories of women empowerment along with daily drama but from time to time unique twists and turns made the story more unique and interesting to watch. As the viewers already watched in the previous episodes, Anirudh performs a drama of second marriage in order to divert the mind of Bondita from the concept of marriage and tries to make her realize the importance of studies.

Barrister Babu

So let’s start with the update of today’s episode on what new is happening in the story. The show begins with Trilochand who is very angry with Manorama and asks Anirudh to make her understand that she should not suppose talk in this way with Bondita as we don’t like the way she talks with her and we will not tolerate this kind of behavior anymore and we don’t like this thing that anyone is talking to this rude behavior with our daughter-in-law’s Bondita.

On the other hand, Anirudh takes the side of Manorama and says you notice the behavior of Manorama but you didn’t realize the current behavior of Bondita. The way she is behaving with Manorama is really bad and you are ignoring this fact but Suddenly Trilochand says enough Anirudh, I don’t want to listen to anything. Just ask your second wife to be in a manner and talk politely to our beloved daughter-in-law’s Bondita.

In the next scene, Manorama is preparing for the party and thinks we will make a huge blast on the party which will destroy everything and our plans will finally execute. On the other side, Bondita will also order the same dress which is similar to the dress of Manorama and decides to go to the party. Tailor stitches the same dress for Bondita and in the other scene, Anirudh is very much worried about the studies of Bondita. He thinks his plans are not working properly and Bondita still focusing on Anirudh rather than her studies.

Anirudh wants Bondita to become a lawyer and for that, he is doing every possible thing he can. The role of Manorama will be end soon and a new twist is going to be seen in the story. The relationship of Bondita and Anirudh will be a break but how is going to happen to know that the viewers need to wait for the next update of the show. Till then enjoy this episode of “Barrister Babu” on the colors channel at 8:30 PM. Stay tuned with us for more such updates and keep reading our articles on the website.

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