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‘Barrister Babu’ 12th April 2021, Full Episode, Written Update, Anirudh Thinks Bondita Get Jealous!


We have come with the written update of the Colors TV serial named “Barrister Babu“. The episode begins with Binoy as he learns that Queen Baibhavi allows his family to attend the Viceroy welcome ceremony. He comes home and tells every about it. Binoy goes to Manorama and says it all happen because of her as she impressed Queen Baibhavi with her cake and thanks to her. He says it will be very useful for their business. Anirudh tells that a tailer is about to come to ready a velvet jacket for Manorama as she is going to attend the Viceroy welcome ceremony.

Barrister Babu

Anirudh thinks Bondita will get jealous of that and agrees to go to boarding school. On the other hand, Bondita questions Koyeli about Anirudh’s change behavior. She says to her that Anirudh always gave her a pen as a gift but now he gifted a velvet jacket to Manorama. Koyeli tries to make her understand that it is important for the big event. Anirudh tells the tailor how to make that jacket for Manorama and informs him about the design. Manorama notices him that thinks he instructs the tailor for the same jacket as she wants.

After that, Bondita reminisces Vatuk’s words. She says that she will get good marks in the school test and gets the chance to attend the viceroy welcome ceremony. Manorama is trying to fit the bomb in that velvet jacket. She fixes the bomb in the inner part of the jacket and says when she pulls the Latkan, the mission gets successful. She keeps that jacket in a box and moves from the place. Bondita enters the room and calls Anirudh. After that, she notices that jacket and wears it. Manorma comes there and gets angry seeing Bondita wears the jacket. She gets angry at her and talks rudely with her. She says she doesn’t like when someone touches her belongings.

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Trilochan overhears their conversation and asks Manorama to apologize to Bondita for behaving so rudely with her and scolds her for her mistake. Bondita goes from there and comes to Dugga Ma and asks her if she did something wrong by touching her stuff and decides that she will also go to the welcome ceremony by bringing good marks in the test and shows Anirudh that she will get the chance on her own. Manorama gets emotional thinking that she would die after this welcome ceremony and Bondita smiles back on her face. Secretly, Bihari and Koyeli ask the tailor to make the same jacket for Bondita. Watch the full episode of “Barrister Babu” on Colors at 08:30 PM. Stay connected with us.


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