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Barrister Babu 11th May 2021 full episode written update: Bondita’s Clever Escape


The episode commences with Bondita as she gets surprised to see her grandmother and thanks to her as she saved her life. She questions that how she gets to know about her kidnapping. She replies to her that like Ravan has 10 heads she also has 10 heads so she can find everything. Bondita touches her feet and takes the blessing of her. Thakuma asks her if she remembers the rules of her house. She says no one cannot take a breath in this house without asking her.

Barrister Babu

Bandita says to her that she knows everything and remembers as well. Thakuma says to her that women never get respect if she lost her husband like her mother. She says a woman needs her husband’s support to survive in society. Bondita meets her mother and gets stunned to see her condition. Sumati was very sick and in a serious condition. She takes Bondita’s name in her unconsciousness. On the other hand, Anirudh remembers Bondita. Bihari pleads to Trilochan not to being so harsh with Anirudh. Thakuma tells bondita bat Sumathi is fine now and will recover soon. Bondita gets sad and decides to take care of her mother. Thakurmar gets amused to hear her.

Thakuma tells her everything about Sumati’s illness that how she fainted one day. Sumati says to her that she is fine now just because of Thakuma as she took care of her very well. Bondita wonders how she informs her in-laws about her whereabouts. Trilochan goes to Anirudh and consoles him saying they will soon get to know something about Bondita. Sampoorna says to them that why are thinking about her as she is not a family member anymore. Trilochan yells at her.

Later Bondita says to Thakuma that she wants to send a message to Roy Choudhary’s family that she is with Sumathi and absolutely fine. Thakuma scolds Rimjhim for going outside the house. She ask Bonditaita to help Tapur and Tupur. Bondita writes a letter for Anirudh and sent it to him. Anirudh gets her letter. He gets tensed after knowing about Sumati. Thakuma gets angry when she gets to know that Bondita sent a message to Anirudh. She asks Bondita to do household work and forget about the study as that is for men. Anirudh reaches the Thakuma’s Haweli along with Trilochan.

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