Home Entertainment Barrister Babu, 11th February 2021, written update: Bondita Asumes Curse Again

Barrister Babu, 11th February 2021, written update: Bondita Asumes Curse Again


We are here with another “Barrister Babu” of 11th February 2021, written episode update. The episode starts with Anirudh tells Bihari how to teach Bondita, But she overhears him and wondered “Anirudh is working hard for me but I can’t study as he will be facing the curse then.” and shuts the door. But Anirudh doesn’t stop and he continues with Bihari. Bondita comes out of the room as she thinks that both went.

Barrister Babu

Whereas Anirudh comes back with speakers and he turns them on to teach Bondita. And she shuts her ear by wondering that she can’t listen to it else the curse will be back. While the sounds on Trilochan and Sampoorna come and tell him to turn it off. Meanwhile, Sampoorna says that Bondita is the main key to our problems. Then Anirudh replies that ‘The problems started after your entry in the haveli.” After his efforts, he is expecting a positive answer but Bondita denies attempting exams.

Anirudh decides to get Sumati home so, he can know the reason why Bondita is denied to take exams. But Mama brings with the bad news that “Sumati can’t come as she is going to stay for Tirat for 6 months.” Anurag gets worried. Anirudh says if Bondita doesn’t take exams then her year will gonna be spoil and then I can’t forgive myself for it. Bondita cries and she locked herself in the room, after which her emotions come out.

She starts to yell the curse and checks her attire whether it gets the stain again and not curse back. She prays for Anirudh’s health and wealth. Sampoorna asks Bondita what happened she tells that curse is back again while Sampoorna takes advantage of her period cycles and she makes Bondita calm, while Bondita blames herself. Sampoorna tells her not to go near Anirudh everything will be fine then.

Anirud comes and knocked on the door bur Bondita refuses to open it, he says then he will break it and come inside. When Anirudh enters the room he notices a piece of cotton curtain. And wonders that Bondita, ‘again and again refusing to take the exam, this torn curtain, and she is having stomach. He left clueless and goes towards the almirah where he founds a letter and reads, Maa..Curse.. Here the episode ends. Stay tuned with our site to grab all the latest episode written update of “Barrister Babu” so, don’t forget to watch the full episode on Colors Tv at 08:30 PM Mon-sat.

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