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Barrister Babu, 1 June 2021, Written Episode Update, Rupa Plays A Card!


Today’s written update of the “Barrister Babu” serial is here. The episode begins with Baba as he makes a call to Rimjhim. Anirudh thinks that Bihari has done his work professionally as he knows the names of Kalindi’s relatives. Bihar makes a call to Anirudh and asks her to talk to his childhood friend who is a stage artist. Anirudh tells him that Baba is reached here already. Bihari says that means something big is going to happen with Anirudh and Bondita. Anirudh thinks if he tells the fake baba’s reality to Kalindi.

Barrister Babu

Trilochan asks him not to do this at any cost as if he will do something like this, it won’t be good for them. He says that Kalindi will be chopped off his hands, not of Anirudh. Anirudh says that he won’t let anything happen to him. At the same time, he also thinks to make alert Bondita about the fake baba. On the other hand, Thakuma says to Baba that it is the right time to control Bondita as he is in her periods so she must be weak. Baba says to Kalindi that he wants to meet Bondita in private. She allows him. Baba goes to Bondita’s room who is sleeping and tries to touch him with wrong intentions.

Suddenly, Bondita wakes up when she feels baba’s bad touch. She understands that he is fake baba and wonders where is Bihari then. Bondita uses Anirudh’s lesson which he taught her for self-defense. She attacks his eyes with her sharp nails. Anirudh comes there which makes Baba angry. Thakuma also gets angry at Anirudh and scolds him. Rimjhim questions Baba about his wound. Thakuma reprimands Bondita. Baba says to Kalindi that Bondita’s nails should be cut. Kalindi agrees. While Bondita recalls how Anirudh cut her nails previously.

Kalindi says that a woman should not be so arrogant. Bondita pleads to not cut her nails. She is about to take Anirudh’s name but stops. Kalindi also asks her to keep silent. Anirudh also about to step forward to save her but stops thinking that he has to tolerate this for Bondita’s better future. Anirudh thinks that he has to find the details about the fake baba. Bondita cries while cutting the nails. Anirudh brings food for Bondita later. She gives confidence to her saying he will sort everything soon. Kalindi gives Bondita’s room key to Baba which notices Anirudh. If you want to know what will happen next in the story of Barrister Babu then catch the latest episode on Colors at 08:30 PM. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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