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Barnaby Joyce Question Time: Barnaby Joyce Slurs His Words During Question Time


Barnaby Joyce slurred up his words and he was struggling to make any sense during his performance in the parliament which happened in question time on Wednesday. it has been stated Deputy Prime Minister was answering some of the questions as he stated about building infrastructure directing to regional NSW as he tried to attack labor leader in a sarcastic manner naming Anthony Albanese as he gave a reference from the Aviator which is a 2004 Hollywood film about a pilot naming Howard Hughes.

Barnaby Joyce Question Time

Barnaby Joyce Question Time

He was struggling to frame a sentence and the words were not coming out of his mouth at the time, he was stuttering. All of the MP’s were in total shock to what they were seeing, Mr. Joyce continued saying, it has never happened in the whole time period in which he has uttered anything about building a dam in regional Australia, there is not even one dam which has come out from this man, he further stated he has never uttered a single word about building a regional road.

After which he was interrupted by Mr. Albanese with a point of order stating he is forced to bring out about the weirdness which is being seen, he stated he has no idea about what is happening but it surely has got nothing to do with the question.

The speaker stated Mr. Alabanese hasn’t made a point of order and he provided Mr. Joyce with the call and it was seen the deputy Prime Minister continued on with the bizarre attacks saying “the great advocator” and then pointing him out saying “there he is”.

He further stated there is going to be nothing which is going to be built by this man as he further stated he had a great idea which we saw the other day as he stated “$300 per jab”, this has been said in the reference to the pan of giving cash to everyone who is going to get a Covid vaccination.

As his time ran out, The speaker interrupted him and stated, the Deputy Prime Minister needs to resume his seat, the exchange has been trending on Twitter as it was truly extraordinary and some of the people even raised some concerns about the health of Mr. Joyce as there was something strange about his behavior.

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