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Ballarat Lockdown Update: Covid Outbreak Smaller Victorian Towns Are Anxious


Ballarat Lockdown Update: It has been stated by the Ballart authorities, they are in a pretty good position when it comes to tackling Covid-19 which has hit the city but it is believed by the smaller regional health services that the cases are going to be quickly overrun, there have been around 11 cases and dozens of exposure which have been reported in Ballarat.

Ballarat Lockdown Update

Ballarat Lockdown Update

It seems like the Western Victorian regional city is going to continue with its first real test when it comes to the delta variant, there have been around 15 new cases at the Victoria, two of the cases were in Ballarat and one of the cases is in the neighboring Moorabool Shire, there are about 4 cases in Geelong and five in Mitchell Shire in the central Victoria.

The health officials in a smaller town in the State’s west seem to be looking on nervously and they are urging locals in order to get vaccinated, saying it is a matter of time before the delta variant is going to arrive after the outbreak in Shepparton and Ballarat, it has been stated by the CEO Melanie Robertson, the organization is working for well-joining hands with the state government in order to contain the outbreak.

She stated it is an incredibly strong team and it has efficient machinery which is running 24/7 at the moment to protect the community, everyone is dedicated to doing it. When we talk about Friday 100 BHS staff who have been to exposure sites were furloughed, other than this there are 30 health care workers from St John of God which is a private hospital, they were in the same situation.

It has been further stated by Ms. Robertson, they can still maintain the usual health services for the community, she further stated they will continue to plan this and stated they have the plans to ensure the continuity of the services, she stated it is pretty safe to attend the healthcare in Ballarat and get the healthcare which you need.

Patients Likely To Be Transferred

It seems like most of the patients who are sick with Covid are most likely to be sent to Geelong, it has been stated by Ms. Holt, it is going to be difficult to call on staff when it comes to other health services because it is going to mean, taking those people out of jobs when we talk about other places in the state.

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