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Balika Vadhu 2, 1st October 2021, Written Update, Anandi Fixes Her Blunder!


Balika Vadhu 2, 1st October 2021, Written Update: This serial is so close to the heart of the audience as the first season of the drama was highly appreciated by the Indian audience. Now yeh the second season of drama is already creating a buzz on eh social media. The females are so excited for the serial. This is one of the most traditional and based on the concept of the love of Indian girls those who have to get married in their childhood. The format and the concept of the serial are keeping the audience connected to the drama.

Balika Vadhu 2

Balika Vadhu 2 Written Update

In tonight’s episode, we will be going to see that Jigar has to prepare a model for his science exhibition. And he put his efforts into it after which it falls and breaks. Jigar becomes sad and he sits alone. Anandi get to know about this and she started to prepare it again. His parents notice Anandi and they get happy. Then they goers to their son and talk to him. THe says that ‘I’m so upset as I modernized my project and it breaks now I don’t even have enough time to make it agons. What am I will be going to d now? How I will manage to answer my teacher?”


Then his parents motivate him and tell him to come along with them. They take him to the hall and he remains stunned to see his project. He sya who did this? Then he notices that Annadi is sleeping on a floor. His parents tell him that Anandi prepares it for him. Then he asks his dad whether it will work or not? His father replies go and try. When switch on’s it lighted up and he become super happy to see this.

Later he tanks Anandi for preparing his project. His parents say, “she did a great job and you must have gifted her something.”

There is one more twist in tonight’s episode, Anadi is in a market and she notices a cell phone to the strangers, Then she goes to them and asks them about it. They tell her that she can buy this in the replacement of her Mangalsutra. She agrees to them and gives them her Mangalsutra in exchange for a cell phone. She is innocent and doesn’t care about the fact that they make her fool. What will go to happen next? Watch the full episode on colors tv.

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