Recently Satyam Nathani, the founding member of Bharat Pay, has resigned from his post. Earlier, BharatPe Chief Revenue Officer Nishit Sharma and Institutional Debt Partnership Head Chandrima Dhar resigned citing personal reasons. When this news came out on the internet, people were shocked and they are not able to believe the news. People wanted to know what was the reason for resigning. All he says is that he wants to pursue his entrepreneurial ambitions. He is on a big mission. Satyam Nathani is an IIT Delhi graduate, Nathani was part of the founding members and the brains behind services like PostPay and peer-to-peer lending product 12 Percent Club. Follow More Update On

Ashneer Grover

As you already knew that he is the owner of the company and now he is resigning from the company. Many were shocked to hear the news of his resignation. Everyone on social media was saying that big investors are resigning from their posts. People don’t understand why he is doing this. A big personality has done a great job for his people. He is resigning from his post.

Talking about his early age, his starting days were difficult and most people were don’t know much about his starting day’s struggles. He grew up with his parents and was raised in a small locality. People don’t know much about his personal details. Whenever he faced difficult times in his life. He doesn’t demotivate or hide in a secret place. In fact, he faced all the struggles and goes through every situation. Doesn’t matter whether it was big or small. Bharat Pe was the first successful idea for him where he achieved everything and lived a peaceful life.

Users encounter this new system where all payment systems are done through codes. Only you have to scan it and pay the amount. It is so simple and easy to use. Last month, with an aim to put the Ashneer controversy behind us and get business back on track, Bharat Pay launched an investment platform for its merchant partners. Most of the time, the majority of his income comes from the business he established at a young age. He makes millions of dollars every year which is an amazing thing. The exact amount was not disclosed yet and we do not even know his personal details.


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