Indian Rapper Badshah got allegation to get fake Instagram followers. Mumbai Police has listed the name of around 176 High profile accounts to check. Well, this is not the first time when a celebrity got this kinda allegations on him because there are plenty more people who contact fake followers Firm so that there account can look attractive and special. we would like to tell you that Badshah had to appear in the Police station for an interrogation towards the case but due to some reasons he was unable to be there and now the date on which he has to appear in Police Station is 6 August.

Mumbai Police wants to record Badshah’s statement on this scam. Significantly, the case came into effect when singer Bhumi Trivedi filed a case on his fake account. Though some of the top beauties of Bollywood can also be invited by Mumbai police to record their statement. This is becoming a trend nowadays everyone wants to get famous without having any special talent, gain followers. obviously you must have talent then people will know you for your specialty.

Badshah Fake Followers News

Badshah is one of the great musicians and rappers as well. now he is all set to with his new upcoming projects and all set to force you to groove on his music as he kept on doing. well, this is not the first time when celebs got allegations on this kind of scam, many of faces will face as per the reports the Home Minister of Maharashtra said that there are plenty more agencies which provide fake followers also called bots and your data can be hacked or stolen by such agencies.

Perhaps the Mumbai Police can call Priyanka Chopra and also Deepika Padukone for interrogation. The reason is also that first the celebrities buy fake followers than they celebrate follower milestones ecstatically which makes distrust among fans. Stay tuned for further updates.


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