Well, you all must have heard bad boy for life but don’t confuse with that because that is a song but today we will talk about the very amazing Hollywood action comedy movie. called BAD BOYS FOR LIFE directed by very talented directors of tv and movies Adil & Bilall, and produced by  Jerry Bruckheimer and produced by Columbia Pictures, 2.0 entertainment and more. The movie has released worldwide on 17 January 2020. which collection on Box Office was $419 million dollars. Now the movie is premiering on Television tomorrow on &TV at 1 pm on 26 July.

Bad Boys for life Starcast:

The movie is an American comedy action movie starring Will Smith as “Mike” Lowrey, Martin Lawrence as Miles Burnett, Paola Núñez as  Rita Secada, Vanessa Hudgens as Kelly, Alexander Ludwig, Charles Melton, Jacob Scipio, Kate del Castillo, Nickey Jam, Joe Pantoliano. and many more but these are the faces which will be appearing in the main cast for making your day more entertaining and joyful.

Bad Boys for Life

A short story of the movie:

After being together for 25 years. Marcus Burnett and Mike Lowrey our two cool bad boys are having a twist cut in their lives There is an unwanted turn in both the lives due to which one of them wants to come out of it and the second one wants to face and enjoy that turn. The story featuring Mike and Marcus. Marcus brings his friend mike to his home in Miami at his grandsons birth,  where Marcus says that he wants to spend more time with his family, therefore, he intends to take retirement so that he can be with his family but during the party of Marcus’s grandson Arnado shot him left him in a coma for a while after coming out from the coma somehow he tries to take revenge and story is all about that. What are the Challenges, problems, and other circumstances which he has to face and for that you will have to watch the movie premiering tomorrow

The movie has a very and attractive storyline which makes you more enthusiastic. don’t forget to watch don’t miss it be ready to experience the revenge kinda concept of two cops. and stay tuned with us for the more interesting facts and upcoming news of entertainment and the spicy gossips of Bollywood.


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