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Bad Art Friend Kidney Donation: Dawn Dorland and Sonya Larson’s ‘Who Is Bad Art Friend’ Explained


Bad Art Friend Kidney Donation: If you guys are on Twitter or Reddit then you would be seeing a lot of users who are discussing the drama between Sonya Larson and Dawn Dorland and the big question surrounding the whole controversy is: “who is the bad art Friend?”, it all started off because of an article. The article has been written by Robert Kolker, he has written this for the New York times giving the title “who is the bad art friend?”, in the article he has discussed the ongoing beef between writers Sonya and Dawn over a Facebook post which has been shared by the former. Follow Updates On GetIndiaNews.com

Bad Art Friend Kidney Donation

Bad Art Friend Kidney Donation Explained

The post was later used as an inspiration bu the latter in her short story, however, it doesn’t end here, there is more than meets the eye in this case, as another author Celeste Ng has weighed into state his thoughts on the ongoing controversy. The story by Robert talks about writers Dawn and Sonya who are fighting over the latter’s short story which was inspired by Dawn as she donated her kidney to a stranger. Dawn has stated, he wasn’t aware of Sonya using an incident from her life to achieve her goal of fiction but according to the NY times, they both know each other from earlier.


This is much before the latter contacted her on Facebook in order to talk about her kidney donation, in the year 2015, Dawn wrote to Sonya to ask if she knew about her donating a kidney and Sonya wasn’t keen to talk about it, a year later Dawn was at the Trident bookstore in Boston, she came across the new story of Sonya which is about her donating kidney which was brushed off by the author earlier.

Bad Art Friend Kidney Donation: Celeste NG

The viral story has become really intriguing after the fiction writer and Sonya’s friend Celeste Ng offered her opinion on the ongoing drama between them, she has claimed that Dawn has herself pitched the story to the NYT reporter, there has been another tweet stating Dawn and Celeste have been trying to get in touch with the people for years to tell the story by her point of view and tampering Sonya’s career.

This seems to be a developing story and there is going to be more coming up from the build-up, we will keep you updated about the story as soon as something new comes up.

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