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Bachelor In Paradise Canada Cast: Meet all cast members of Bachelor In Paradise Canada


Bachelor In Paradise Canada Cast: It seems like Fall is approaching but the inaugural season of Bachelor in Paradise Canada is promising to heat things up, the show which is an offshoot of the Bachelor and The Bachelorette, features singles from the franchise providing a much more relaxed environment as they continue on to search for love. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Bachelor In Paradise Canada Cast

Bachelor In Paradise Canada Cast

Things can always get messy as we have seen in the American version of the show, this is going to be the seventh season but surely Canadians are kinder and sweeter, well this stereotype cannot be applied here as it is going to be a mix of US and Canadian Bachelor alumni favorites having 14 Canadian fans ranging in the age of 25 to 37, they are going to come together under one roof.

Contestant Name Hometown Age Occupation
Adam Windsor, Ont. 28 Firefighter
Alex Detroit, Mich 32 Information Systems Administrator
Alice Toronto, Ont. 27 Accountant
Ana Montreal, Que. 26 Digital Content Creator
Angela Greenville, S.C. 31 Model
Bianka Toronto, Ont. 37 Content Creator
Brendan M. Edmonton, Alta. 30 Yoga Teacher
Brendan S. Toronto, Ont. 26 Firefighter Trainee
Caitlin Toronto, Ont. 27 Real Estate Agent
Chris Saskatoon, Sask. 35 Inventor
Connor Toronto, Ont. 27 Civil Engineer
David Toronto, Ont. 32 Actor/Musician
Illeana New York, N.Y. 26 Entrepreneur/Model
Iva Calgary, Alta. 25 DJ/Student
Jeremy Montreal, Que. 28 Law Student
Joey Medicine Hat, Alta. 31 Model
Josh Vancouver, B.C. 28 Filmmaker
Kamil New York, N.Y. 33 Real Estate Agent/Investor
Karn Toronto, Ont. 30 Actor/Cinematographer
Kit Vancouver, B.C. 27 Content Creator
Lisa St Catharines, Ont. 28 Cosplay Artist
Mike Winnipeg, Man. 34 Firefighter
Nicole Toronto, Ont. 25 Photographer
Sasanet Halifax, N.S. 26 Real Estate Student
Stacy Vancouver, B.C. 29 Interior Design Student
Veronique Sudbury, Ont. 31 Real Estate Agent

The location for the show hasn’t been revealed as of yet aside from the fact that is going to take place at a secluded Ontario lakeside love nest, the show is going to be hosted by Jesse Jones and is going to feature Bachelor alum Kevin Wandt as the bartender, Bachelor in Paradise Canada is going to be aired on Sunday at 8:00 pm on Citytv.

There is not much data about the show as of this point, we can expect a rollercoaster ride from the show, every season has been filled up with fights, love, betrayal, and whatnot, it is a reality show but it has more twists and turns than a movie or a series itself.

This is a competition at the end of the day and people tend to make rash decisions on the show and then they regret it later, there are definitely going to be clashes between the contestants as people are going to choose their pairing in the show and the drama is going to start from then and there itself.

There are going to be more revelations in the show in the coming weeks and we are going to keep on updating you about the show in the coming weeks, you can bet that there are going to fight, you are going to experience love and betrayal which is unavoidable at this point in time when it comes to the reality show. We are going to be on our toes to provide you with the latest update of the show.

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