Home News Baby Teddy Death: Who Is Lucy Smith? Murder St Neots Explored

Baby Teddy Death: Who Is Lucy Smith? Murder St Neots Explored


Baby Teddy Death: Who Is Lucy Smith? Murder St Neots Explored: News of child death is getting viral all over social media platforms. This incident is on New Year Eve when the entire world is saying bye to 2021 and welcoming 2022. After which many of the netizens took to Twitter and they used to be pay tribute to a child. As he had been lost his life tragically. A child was found dead at his home and everyone out this property was reached to pay him tribute. A teddy bear left the scene when he found that the kid is no more. Follow More Update OnĀ GetIndiaNews.com

Baby Teddy Death

Baby Teddy Death

In the death case of a kid, there is a name of a woman who has been confirmed mentally unstable is seemed to be related to his death. She might have been in her 30s and detained under a “Mental Health Act.” The kid belonged to Elm Road Oldham. And it seems that the people are so disheartened with the death of the Oldham kid. Teddy has been also found at his house and he too pays a tribute to the kid. His death makes everyone so heartbroken that they reached outside his house to pay tribute to him.

Elm Road of the Oldham was tapped off:-

Greater ManchesterĀ  Officers remained in the area tapped off. And they even place their car at the spot. While one of the police officers was there at the spot he was standing there as a guard in the forensic suit. There is a pic on his house in which you guys can see that her house area had been tapped off by the officers and they were buns of flowers in this way people were paid their tribute to the kid.

The spokesperson from Greater Manchester Stated:-

The spokesperson from Greater Manchester has been given a statement in which he stated that “A preliminary investigation of the case is still going on. We are called at the spot along with the emergency services almost around 6:20 pm on 31st December 2021. But we were so heartbroken to find a kid dead here at the spot. A woman in her 30s has been imprisoned under the Mental Health Act.”

DSI Chris Packer said, “our condolence is with the loved ones of the child as t is the most heartbreaking and difficult time for them. The investigation is on the way and our team is giving their best to unveil his cause of death.”

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