The executive director of the Civil Liberties Association of B.C. has been facing some criticism for the tweet that he has made on the social media platform Twitter which he has tweeted regarding the burning of the churches that took place which has been flashing all over the news for weeks now in order find the remains of humans which were unmarked, Harsha Walia is the leader of the organization which is going to be fighting for human rights and civil liberties, she has been an advocate for the migrant justice, equality, migrant justice and economic justice.

Harsha Walia

B.C Civil Liberties Association

A tweet was made by him on 30th June which was a reply to an article which was about the pair of catholic churches that were burned down as Walia wrote that “Burn it all down”, and this is the reason for the backlash that he is receiving after the tweet as people have been criticizing by the people who have been stating that the message is inflammatory and for a person who is highly influential should understand that he cannot state something like that as this can cause real trouble.

But there are also people who are defending the statement by saying that these people have no right towards the police indigenous rage and grief. The account was locked after a series of tweets as she wrote that doesn’t support the burning of the churches at all and she empathizes with what has happened and she further stated that it is ridiculous of people to suggest that she wants the churches to get burned down.

Chris Sankey who is an entrepreneur and who is also a consultant that she is should just resign at this point as he stated that she is encouraging violence which is the stupidest thing to do after knowing what is being gone on and knowing that people may get influenced by what she has stated and he further stated that when you know that you can reach out to so many people then you should be more responsive to what you are going to say.


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