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Autumn Westfall: Michigan Female Construction Worker Reveals Double Standards At Work


Who is Autumn Westfall? Michigan Female Construction Worker Reveals Double Standards At Work: The number of followers of Autumn Westfall is increasing on social media platforms after she openly talks about the crucial topic of gender stereotypes. Several people know Autumn for her videos on Tiktok and Instagram. She is quite popular for her short content on social media. Though, this time, Autumn Westfall is getting famous after sharing her work experience on the building site. Westfall mentioned how she is judged on a daily basis due to the looks in her work. Stepping out and speaking about the stereotypes, Westfall is getting a spotlight on social media lately. Let’s find out more about her life after being a female construction worker. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Autumn Westfall

Who is Autumn Westfall?

Autumn, who is lately attaining attention over the social media platforms, is a famous Insta figure. Furthermore, she comes out to be very much active on her account and has already got 347 posts. Autumn’s Instagram user name is @aawestfall. The account is not verified as of now, but she has managed to get 8.09K followers, which is constantly increasing after coming into the limelight of social media.

After looking into her bio, she looks like a family person that really supports and cares for her family. Apart from that, she is also a model with @directionusa, the powerhouse modeling agency, and make-up enthusiast. Most of her photos are about her modeling and spending her time with her partner and children. She is quite popular in TikTok. The latest video of her talking about stereotypes has made her more remarkable than she was prior to.

Autumn Westfall

Autumn Westfall-Know The Story Of Michigan Female Construction Worker

Autumn talked about how she gets underestimated every time after being a construction worker. She mentioned that individuals think she is too pretty for serving or working on the building site. Working in a male-dominated industry has been a nasty and disgusting experience for her. She is a project manager in the construction field and also a model. That being so, she selects a job to establish her own gender norms.

Autumn Westfall

With her sharing her stories, several people have viewed their interest in her experience. Being a mother of 2 daughters, she has shown her strong side by inspiring her daughters to become strong.

Partner Of Autumn Westfall

Autumn tied to wedding knot to Hunter Westfall, an ex-college athlete. He is a fitness enthusiast and a co-owner of Prime Time Performance. There is not much information about his husband is available.

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  1. Construction MANAGER…meaning she probably does no physical labor.
    Let’s see her laying brick, setting up forms to pour concrete, POUR concrete, dig a foundation…anything physical that has to do with construction. Looking at her body style, I’m really doubtful that she can.

    Nothing against women in construction, but don’t be a manager and call yourself a Construction Worker, when you don’t do the hard work.


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