There has been a gigantic skeleton that was found a long time ago and the skeleton was made public in the year 2007 and it seems like that that the skeleton has been identified as the largest species to ever travel the earth which has been stated by the paleontologist, the dinosaur is part of the titanosaur family and has been named Australotitan cooperensis and he has finally been included in the list of the dinosaurs after the discovery of its skeleton that was found about 15 years ago as the bones of the dinosaur were found 15 years back.

Australia Largest Dinosaur

Australia Largest Dinosaur

It has been stated that the dinosaur stood up to 5 to 6.5 meters which is about  16 to 21 feet and have been stated that he measured up to 25 to 30 meters which makes it 82-98 feet when it comes to a total length which has made it to be the biggest dinosaur of Australia, and according to the limb size that has been kept reserved, it has made the list of the top 5 largest dinosaurs that ever walked on earth and this has been stated by the Director of the Eromanga natural history museum,

The bones when they were found first time was on a family farm in the year 2006 and then it was a secret for about a year as the authorities were researching about what this could be and in the year 2007 the bones were there to be displayed for the public and the research has also been published f the 3D scan models that help to compare bones to the closest relatives of that dinosaur.

And it has been stated by the authorities that they have been able to find many of the bones in the area and they are going to continue the digging and the research of the same to see as to how many more species are there that are still needed to be discovered, the discovery is going to be one of the most historic for them as they have found the bones of a giant which is probably the largest to ever walk the surface of the earth.


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