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Austin: Who is Erik Charles Maund Wife, Hired Hitmen To Kill Ex-Girlfriend Holly Williams


Austin: Who is Erik Charles Maund Wife, Hired Hitmen To Kill Ex-Girlfriend Holly Williams: Erik Charles Maund seems to be a businessman who has been convicted of hiring hitmen in order to kill his ex-girlfriend and her boyfriend, he is currently married to his wife, Sheri Maund, let us know about the further details in the case, Erik Charles Maund happens to be the Grandson of Charles Maund. The owner and the founder of Maund Auto Dealership, he was also in a relationship with a girl named Holly A. Williams, about all of this his wife was pretty unaware, the boyfriend of his ex-lover started blackmailing Erik about opening the secret affair in front of his wife. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Erik Charles Maund

After this he hired three hitmen to shoot them dead, there have been several records of Erik sending around 750,000 to his blackmailers, one of the contact killers was a security specialist from the town, the other two were his friends who executed the planned crime in the month of March in the year 2020.

Who Is Erik Charles Maund Wife?

Erik Charles Maund was married to his wife, Sheri Maund, it has been stated that they share a son as well, despite having a wife, he was indulged in an extramarital affair with Holly Williams, he wanted to keep the secret from his wife’s hand he continued to his illicit relationship.

Who is Erik Charles Maund?

Erik Charles Maund is at the age of 34, he is from Austin in Texas, the man is in his mid-30s and he has been charged for kidnapping and murdering his girlfriend and her partner in the year 2020, he has been facing numerous court trials after the alleged murder of a 33-year-old woman and a 36-year-old man.

He happens to be an ex-army officer, Gilad Peled, Adam Carey and Brockway were the ones who were representing him in the crime scene for which he paid a luxurious amount, they have dismissed the body into a constructions site near Nashville in Tennessee inside a white car.

Where Is Erik Charles Maund?

Erik Charles along with his partners in crime seems to be in the custody as of this point in time the Nashville Police Department, the process of the proof collection and a court hearing has been going on be all set, it has been recently discovered that Erik used to visit Nashville more often in order meet Holly.

His phone details, his hotel bookings, his text, it all has completely turned the case on him, the Maund family has been trying to save their son, he is going to be facing life imprisonment if he is proven guilty, we are going to be back with the updates.

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