Aussie Cossack Arrested? Australian YouTuber Aussie Cossack Arrested At Home: There is a Youtuber who has been arrested naming Aussie Cossack who has been arrested from the office after there was a police interruption and here are the details of the story. He belongs to Sydney, Simeon Boikov was the Russian-based operation leader on Australian grounds best known as Aussie cossacks. Follow More Updates On

Aussie Cossack Arrested

Aussie Cossack Arrested

On 8th October, he got arrested following a police raid at the house, they were trying to search for illegal formulations in the policy and the work patternsAussie Cossack has been subjected to Firearms prohibition orders to stop him from illegal weapon controls.

Why was Aussie Cossack Arrested?

He was continuously surveyed for illegal weapons acquisition, Simeon Boikov who is better known as Aussie Cossack Leader who got arrested on 8th October, the reformist and Youtuber who is advocating for the civil rights impediment and the waning factors which are behind the National Leve Policy was a home raid and then they spelled FPO to limit the control.

YouTuber Aussie Cossack Arrested Video Posted By Wife

The arrest news first broke through the Youtube platform with his wife who has also posted the video from the office where she stated that the national corrupt are taking him away from common welfare, he has seen a motive pursuit in his arrest cases the news broke that the arrest was done after Cossack violated the Health Act.

YouTuber Aussie Cossack Arrested

It has been further stated by the police that they faced difficulty to make the arrest because of the breach in safety restrictions but it has been demanded by the family, such an arrest is not going to answer the home raid which they made. It seems like the scene is more looking like a weapon seizing attack with minor fake health-related reasoning.

Aussie Cossack is active when it comes to Facebook, his name tag is Simeon Boikov under the profile, he keeps on posting about the attendance about the upcoming podcasts, his Cossack culture, and public hearings which was the motive for the Russian based operations.

Who is Aussie Cossack? and Wife name

Aussie Cossack who is also known as Simeon Boikov is married to Ekaterina Biokov, there is not much information regarding the pair but it is known that the couple has had a long relationship before the marriage, his wife was amongst the people who were advocating about the unqualified arrest and non-palatable home raid which took place in their houses.


  1. Russian White supremacists want to rule the world!
    Vladimir Putin wants to reclaim Russia’s former glory, and he expects the support of Russians across the globe, wherever they may live.
    A Four Corners investigation has uncovered the activities of a cluster of dedicated pro-Russian nationalist groups operating here.
    Some are explicit about their mission — to wage a propaganda war to help further the Kremlin’s global agenda — prompting analysts to warn Australia that it should be paying close attention.
    So DON”T believe a word the rusky says! He’s all for Russia and is just using STUPID, IGNORANT Australians to further his and Putin’s aims

    • Well said.

      All of his material points to this. He follows Putin. Went overseas to fight.

      Main point is he does not believe he should follow any of the rules for lockdowns, wearing masks etc and incites others to follow his beliefs.

      Look at Russia and Covid 19

  2. Mate realy Russian supremacy activist More Australian than the clowns I’m seeing doing nothing for the country but dismantle it piece at a time
    Go Cossack


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