Welcome back to our blog! There has been a really good craze about the case that was filed against Larry Nassar. The scenes beautiful portray how he didn’t take a pause without exposing the rotten system that led him to commit such crimes. Jon Shenk and Bonni Cohen amazingly crafted this film. The Athlete A is basically the letters documentary from Netflix that deals with the story of a husband and wife confronts the corruption in sports. Also, they could see the exploitation that was going around in the cold war politics. This is package does a stand alone film and the best thing about it is that handles a lot of abuse scandal that was reported into USA gymnastics, or USAG.

Athlete A Review

If you are one of those who loves to witness a devastating critique related to the sexism of female sports. The film even comprises of different vintage materials from the eastern European prodigies. This picture resembles how the obsession of winning can lead someone to commit a lot of crimes one after the other. It has a total runtime of 103 minutes, and throughout his story, we get to know about the fact that victory was the directive at all costs.

Athlete A Review

The wheels were actually set in motion by a former gymnast, Rachel Denhollander, who created an alert in the Michigan State University police of the Nassar and the abuse that happened to her. She further added that it happened with her once in a month while the training was on. There were several other stories of abide and over time, it was discovered through several cover ups and intimidation that took place at different levels of the USA gymnastics. The then national team coach, Marta Karolyi also had to face a lot of charged that was known for tampering the evidence.

Last but not the least, an ex-gymnast, Jennifer Sey who happens to be a resident of San Francisco came up with a book in 2008, that was named as the “Athlete A,” ok ehich the film is created and it said that sexual abuse happens to be a norm, and sexual abusers are everywhere. It revealed how they have been beaten with such a brutality that they became obedient enough! We further learn that “Athlete A” is originally a person, named Maggie Nichols who is a national U.S team member and she had put allegations against Nassar at different levels.




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