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Astroworld: Who Is Kristian Paredes? Travis Scott and Drake Lawsuit, Age Instagram Net Worth


Astroworld: Who Is Kristian Paredes? Travis Scott and Drake Lawsuit, Age Instagram Net Worth: The names of the two most renowned artists are aiming the news headlines after they are involved in the Asrrolqwprld Festival. They were concerting and this one was this second day of their concert but it took the most terrible turn and now the people and their fans are criticizing them. Due to the rush, many have been lost their lives in the concert. So one of the concertgoers there is a named Kristian Pardes who is taking against Travis and Drake. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Kristian Paredes

Who Is Kristian Paredes?

Now he is in fame after he sued the artist these are the main reason of creating chaos at the music festival Asdtroworld. So when Drake appeared on stage along with Travis the crowd goes crazy and they use to sing on the stage. There was mayhem created and in between this many have been lost their lives. This concert has been becoming bloody. And this is circulating the social media and also making into the news headlines. So there were, any of the concert attendees who are .injured and they all are so upset with this. While there were eight those who have lost their lives.

And Kristian is one of those who were getting injured at the concert. So he has been now filed a case against Live Nation Entertainment Inc.

On November 5 Kristian joined the Asatroworld Festival and when Drake join the stage the crowd went out of control after and both the artists still continued their rapping. Hence many in the crowd got injured and eight were lost their lives also. So people there are yelling to stop the convert but the artist didn’t stop and they keep on continuing while the mayhem has been created over there.

Kristian filed a lawsuit against the rappers and also sued their security agencies. He was 23 years old and mature enough to take this step against the rappers. He lives in Austin, Texas. He is a graduate and currently working in CEC Entertainment. He is a fitness freak and maintain’s his health so well. We didn’t know about his Instagram handle. And isn’t have much information about him.

His net worth details are under investigation so nothing much has been known about him. He is a victim of concert mayhem and he is severely injured in this. Which made him take legal action’s against the artists of the concert.

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