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Assam Polls 2021: People’s Should Show ‘Red Card’ To Congress-led Mahajoth says PM Narendra Modi


As the BJP rally goes to Kokrajhar, the BJP leader and also the prime minister of the country started firing shots towards the congress stating that they have done absolutely nothing for the increasing violence in Bodoland areas. He came up with the red card analogy during his speech indicating that the people of Assam has shown the red card to the congress indicating the fact that people are really passionate about football in Assam, further stating that the previous Congress government that was in power were spectators to the violent situation of the Bodoland Territorial Region.

Assam Polls 2021

He stated that the youth of Assam are pretty passionate about football and in parlance to that, the people living in Assam have shown a red card to the congress-led alliance. He further went on saying that the people have already flourished them with votes in the 1st phase of the elections of NDA and the voting that is being done for the 2nd phase is seemingly encouraging.

He went on to say that we are all about peace and development that has been evident in the last 5 years as he states that the BJP has treated the Bodoland with respect and peace.

He further states that the mantra of BJP for the BTR is simply peace, protection, and progress and he also said that they have been bringing in huge amounts to get many of the projects done within the city to get it more developed.

He continues to state about the failure on the part of the congress as he recalls the horrible situation of BTR stating that the mothers and sisters won’t forget about the tragic days of violence and killing and butchering. Further stating that Congress has joined hands with other alliances to play their vote bank game, they have gone blind to the lust of power. He concluded by stating that Congress will be punished for their wrongdoings and we will not allow them to loot out the peace from Assam.

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