Massive fire at Assam’s Baghjan, also known as Tinsukia gas leak, happened in Assam. It is a Petroleum or better say a gas leak happened in Oil India Limited Baghjan Oilfield operated by John Energy Pvt Ltd, the incident happened in the Tinsukia district of Assam on 27th of May 2020. The unwanted incident occurred due to falling pressure in the oil well. More than thousands of people and villages evacuated due to this because govt was scared of losing the lives of the people.

Assam Gas Leak

Most of the incidents have happened this year and till now we have seen too many bad incidents and it seems like it is hard to find the people who can say freely that this year has brought good news for them in their life.

The time that is going on is not good we have seen too many worst things in the same year such as floods, earthquakes, and fires are just uncountable the year is showing its worst. The team is still searching about the deaths but still, 2 deaths have been recorded and for further its been going under treatment for a couple of seconds we thought that the situation is in under control but the gas is still leaking, for getting control on the situation a team of experts from Singapore has arrived and inspected the place.

The oil well caught the fire on June 9, 2020. As we all know that fire spread quicker than any other thing. The fire has covered the area too quickly including cops, trees and houses hence the state govt evacuated all the people as soon as they can do. still, the search is going on and we will let you know as we got the news till then stay tuned with us…


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