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Ashton Arch Bridge Live Stream: 8000-Tonne Ashton Arch Bridge Shifted Into Place In Western Cape: WATCH


A Western Cape town in Ashton was launched by the most interesting even of the bridge on Saturday. The people of that place are super excited and happy to see that bridge at their place. The bridge is 110m long and the heights of the bridge are 22m, and 14m shifted from the sideways. For Africa is the very first transverse bridge that has been constructed here. Along with a milestone for the local organization.

Ashton Arch Bridge

Ashton Arch Bridge Live Stream

This one is the first bridge in Africa with a tied arch, people of Africa are curiously waiting to enjoy the view from the bridge. It comes up as the most precious monument of the department of public work and transport of the Western Cape. The contractors, workers, traders, engineers, and the other team members who are involved in the construction of the bridges said we are done it. The 90-year-old bridge has been replaced firm the Ashtin Arch that was inclined to flooding.

The arch consists of the cable deck as support which included with a stay cable and it is also consist of four traffic lane along with walkways. This bridge has lots of advantages such as floodwaters being pass safely without causing any damage. The traffic disturbance or jam will also be going to be minimized as it is construed or structured this way. The construction team said it’s all set to be in the use.

The project has been handled by the multinational infrastructure group. The bridge is gonna be ready to use in the upcoming 24 hours. A person who is so close to this project gave his points on the construction of the bridge. He said that we were used to testing a bridge to check whether it is ready for working properly or not.

The look of the bridge is eye-catchy. The construction team focused on the sharpness and the quality of each and every segment of the bridge. The structure of the bridge is also attractive. The engineers designed it with some of the important points such as safety, and traffic jam control. And most important is to pass the flood water safely.

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