Recently there is a piece of news coming on social media as the news is a news comping in social media that Ashneer Grover along with his wife Madhuri Jain Grover has started a new company in their name. As the company is designers with some new modifications but still it is based on the previous model and claims it o be the same successful company. It is also said that the new company is named Third Unicorn. as the couple has previously faced Fraud charges and was ripped from their post. Follow More Update On

BharatPe Ashneer Grover Net Worth

the previous company but now they have introduced the new company and are ready to start working in the market again, continue reading below for further details, Ashneer Grover and Madhuri Jain Grover his wife have jointly introduced a new company as. The name of the company Is Third Unicorn PVT LTD. In the recent reports on social media and news channels, Ashneer Grover is found celebrating his birthday on June 14, and released the news regarding the latest launch of his new company on his 40th birthday anniversary event,

the company is highly esteemed by him and he is claiming to make it a new unicorn, as he was previously working in a company where he was fired after a fraud accusation, and now he is ready and announced the launch of his third unicorn on in his birthday party, also adding to his speech he said that as he is turning 40 today and eh have enjoyed his life fullest, Have created a setup and business that will nurture the generations.

He twitted this post from his official Twitter account that this is still an unfinished business and he is planning on to make the third unicorn to enter the new business sector, asunder Grover is the former BharatPe MD and director, As per the recent data from media reports and official records Ashneer Grover and his wife Madhuri Jain Grover, we previously the Head of operations and execution at BharatPe, are both are on the same executive post in the firm which they founded previously on July 6th 2021. The firm has a total market paid capital that is liable to be  ₹10 lac. And the authorised market share that is invested in the stock market is a total of ₹20 lakh.

The company fired Madhurima for accusations claiming she was involved in funds misconduct, and her husband asunder Grover was later implicated for the same charges the board members ripped him off of his co-founder na other rank and posts in the company and membership were canceled for the couple in the name other expensive lifestyle and funds misconducts. They are also practicing fake vendors to steal money from company expense accounts, and they faced the results but they opposed the claims and pose innocently.


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