Ashley Cole Robbery Gang Threatened To Cut Off Chelsea Legend: The former England footballer Ashley Cole has been making the headlines everywhere after a robbery gang got into his house and threatened him to cut his fingers off with pliers. As we all know that Ashley Cole is one of the most popular and well-known former football players. He has a huge name and fame in the community of football. Currently, he is shocked after a robbery gang stole a historically-important diamond Tiara had worn at Edward VII’s coronation. There are several people who have been looking for more details about the robber at the footballer’s house. In this section, you will get all information about the same. Follow More Update On

Ashley Cole Robbery

Ashley Cole Robbery

As per the reports, the gang has been accused of targetting the lavish home of former Spurs midfielder Tom Huddlestone and of stealing a historically important diamond tiara worn at Edward VII’s coronation. The robbery entered the house and threatened to cut the footballer’s fingers off with pliers in the course of a violent break-in at his home. The investigation of the robbery started immediately and recently there was a hearing at the court for the case.

Nottingham Crown Court was told that the ex-Arsenal, Chelsea, and Derby County left-hander was cable-tied and carried around the house in just one pair of shorts during the test. Kurtis Dilks aged 34 has been accused of being a member of a four-strong gang who entered the home of the former England defender and his partner Sharon Canu with a sledgehammer ahead of stealing jewelry, a BMW key, and mobile phones. The two young children of the couple were present in the house when the robbery took place.

Meanwhile, Ms. Canu attempted to call the police as she hid in a wardrobe. However, the prosecutor Michael Brady QC said in court, “The next thing Ms. Canu knew was when one of the robbers opened the wardrobe door and took the phone from her while she was talking to the police.” Later, she saw Ashley who was knee down with his hands tied behind his back. Mr. Brady stated that the thieves later tried to bound Ms. Canu’s hands but at first rather bravely she denied it. She was later threatened with a knife.

It was later revealed in court that Dilks was earlier accused of raiding the home of former Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Tom Huddlestone, who is also facing charges of being a member of a six-strong gang who reportedly robbed £3.75, Portland Tiara, from the Welbeck Estate in the year 2018. Stay tuned with us for more updates.


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