Is Ase Wang Dead or Alive? Actress Death Hoax Debunked: It is with great sadness to inform you that Esse Wang, a Singaporean actress is no more with us. She passed away. She was a model, an entrepreneur, and a popular actress. She was based in Bangkok, Thailand. All her shootings took in Bangkok. She was so busy in her life that she could not find time for herself. Recently, many people spread the news of her death on social media, and people start sending heartfelt condolences to her. Follow More Update On

Actress Ase Wang

Is Ase Wang Dead or Alive?

But the real truth is that she did not die. Rather she is alive. Someone on the Internet has spread the hoax of her death on the Internet and people trust it. Her family did not confirm it, her husband did not confirm it and her friends did not confirm it.  Whoever spread the false news of her death will soon be seen in jail. The fake news was seen on April 5, 2022, and reached worldwide.

Who Is Ase Wang?

The actress was born on 26 November 1981. She grew up with her parents. Her father was Chinese named John Wong Teck Fong and her mother was Swedish named Inger Wang. In her family, she was the only child to become an actress. Before this, No one has thought about the actress in her family. She was the first one.

Her family runs the business of Phoon Huat, a large baking supplies in which they earn a good amount of money and lived their lives. When she was 15, she left her family and started living alone, working in the local bar day and night to achieve the dream of celebrity. Around that time, she met Russell Wong, a Singapore-based photographer who helped her become a celebrity.

Ase Wang Death Hoax Debunked

He clicked the photos of her, upload them on the internet, and make a portfolio of her. This way whoever is interested in taking her for the role will be easily contacting her. After waiting for two-three days, she gets a role in the Mediacorp drama series, SPIN (2000), and a modeling contract with the Singaporean agency, Mannequin.

Through that, she got huge success and was able to achieve her dream of becoming a celebrity. After that, many big companies reached out to her to sponsor her. This way, her income increased, and live a happy life. Now she was fully comfortable, relaxed, with no need to look at the price issue while purchasing the expensive product, and can do whatever she wants to do in her life.


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