We don’t know what is more serious, COVID-19, or the Political scenario in India. The current conditions are not in favour of anybody and the poor people will suffer the most from it. The last few weeks weren’t good for the Delhi as the cases bump up and the weak management of Delhi Government, Center Government, and the Hospital authorities are being the headache of everyone. Now the Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal himself took the initiative by saying that they are ready to work with the Center to fight the Coronavirus.

The Delhi CM himself said, “This is not the time for politics. This is not the time for disagreements,” The reports are coming that Arvind Kejriwal who wasn’t happy earlier as the Lieutenant Governor took the decision of reserving the Delhi Hospitals bed for the Delhi people. He also reversed a decision to test only those showing symptoms of COVID-19 and said asymptomatic cases and high-risk contacts of a virus patient will also be tested for the same.

Arvind Kejriwal news

Now the Mr. Kejriwal said, “We won 62 seats (in the 70-member assembly) in the Delhi election. The center has decided to override us and this is not the time to differ. Whatever the center has decided and the Lt Governor has ordered, that will be implemented. There will be no dispute or debate on this.” Also, he added, “If political parties keep fighting, the corona will win. The entire country has to be united in its fight. You cannot even imagine the crisis we are in.”

Now, this looks like a positive sign as we are already in a very big mess. We are quite happy that the government of India, as well as the state government, is coming up together to fight the COVID situation. Now we can say that the way this whole COVID+19 situation is affecting Delhi and many other states is really very dangerous and the cases will raise in upcoming weeks for sure.


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