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Article 370 Contradiction Anniversary: Administration of Srinagar Imposed Curfew on Monday in Entire City


The moment of happiness for Indians has completed 1 year. on the same day last year, we got abrogation of article 370  in Jammu and Kashmir. well, first let us remind you that what 370 is all about, under this article Jammu and Kashmir got some different laws so that they can make their rules until their law comes from the constitution, in other words, we can say that they can take actions until their constitution is ready to implement.

Administration of Srinagar imposed a curfew on Monday in the entire city so that the situation can be under security because the last time when this decision came into force most of the riots came in effect on the name of HINDU Muslim and Muslims were e kept on throwing stones on our Indian Army. Muslims were not happy with the decision there might be a kind of superstition and perhaps someone is playing with their mind. Most of the people from the Muslim Community are still protesting about this, therefore The administration of Srinagar Clasp a curfew because this day will be celebrating by Indians and those who don’t think that they are the part of this they must protest.

Article 370 Contradiction Anniversary

The reason behind the implementation of 370 is that the people of Jammu and Kashmir will live in a separate set of laws that will differ from the Indian Constitution. As per the result of this provision, the Indian citizens could not purchase land in Jammu and Kashmir. But after removing this, citizens across the country can buy land or property there.

The Decision of Srinagar administrative is good because of the security purpose of citizens. so that rioters can’t affect those who are engrossed in their day to day life, because the only community which gets affected by this kind of Riots that is the common man who is engrossed in their life. So there will be Curfew on 4 and 5th of august.

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