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Arijit Singh’s mother Aditi Singh Dies In Kolkata


One heartbreaking death news hit the headlines of the newspaper and the mass media which again put the world in the deepest sorrow which is difficult to come out. Losing your loved ones is such a great loss for anyone especially losing your mother. It is difficult for anyone to come out with this unbearable pain as it’s like coming to an end of the world. This pain is so cruel and unbearable from which no one can fight and currently, our beloved playback singer Arijit Singh is going through this pain. Recently, he lost his mother who died on Wednesday, 19th May 2021.

Arijit Singh's mother Aditi Singh

Her death news is confirmed by the hospital who made a statement that Aditi Singh was hospitalized after testing positive from WuhanVirus and she was put on Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO). In spite of testing negative later, she capitulates to a cerebral stroke. Most of the peoples are losing their life even after testing negative from Wuhanvirus as new diseases and several infections are found in their bodies which taking their lives even after the recovery.

Though the active cases are going down for the past few days the death rates still remain constant and day by day new numbers are adding to this list. The death rates are rapidly increasing which is currently the great tension for central as well as the state government. This death news is like a mountain of sorrow on Arijit Singh and the news of Arijit’s mother hospitalization first comes to the notice of the public and his fans when the Entertainers celebrities like Swastika Mukherjee and Srijit Mukherjee uploaded appeal for help in their respective accounts of social media.

On their social media platform, Swastika had stated that “Requirement of A- blood for the mother of playback singer Arijit Singh who is hospitalized in Amri Dhakuria. The blood is needed today. Please contact @swatihihihi with authenticated MALE DONORS.” The exact message shared in Bengali by Srijit on his Twitter handle. Later on, Arijit took his Facebook account and appeals to his fans to help his mother but asked them not to go out of there to do so.

He stated, “It’s my meek request to all those who are helping me at this hour, Please do not make a rush only after reading the name of Arijit Singh. Every individual must be alleviated the same to make sure that we ‘raise our own selves from this disaster.'” Until we understand to respect each person, We are not going raise our own selves from this mischance. I am grateful to people who attain progress and helped but do not forget we are human beings. Every life is precious.”

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