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Ariana Grande Asian Fishing Controversy Explained: Why Singer Deletes Instagram Photo Amid Backlash


Ariana Grande Asian Fishing Controversy Explained: Why Singer Deletes Instagram Photo Amid Backlash: Ariana Grande is the biggest name all around the world, she is a positioned singer who is circulating on the web and internet after she has been deleted her pictures which are now getting viral. She left the internet divided after this and now the fans of her belief that the pop sensation is “Asian Fishing”. Many of the users are waiting so curiously to know more about the same news which is getting viral about her. Then let’s note water more time and grab all the related updates in the article below. Follow More Update OnĀ GetIndiaNews.com

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande Asian Fishing Controversy Explained

Recently she has been getting married and also seen as a judge in the most popular singing reality show “The Voice”. She has been shared some of her’s pictures on December 5 and these pictures are now getting viral. So you guys are now getting so impatient to know what she wore in this picture. She was in a green jacket which is green in color. And she also added a knot in her neck and even tied her hair with a white band. Her make you are bit loved she applied wing eyeliner and red lipstick. Her heels are black in color. And this is how she completed her whole look. In one of the pictures, she is sitting down.

Why Singer Deletes Instagram Photo Amid Backlash

And she is looking Asian and it also includes fetishizing Asian culture. She is looking like she was trying to look that she is not just like the East Asians. And they even use photo editing apps ao just like this Ariana is looking. Here is a comment from a Reddit user, “she stored to overextended her eyebrows and this change her eyebrow shaped completely she give an arched to straight. And this is highly popular in east Asia.” Hre doesn’t even stop here and also accused her of attempting to showcase a “Mono Lid Look.”

Here are the tweets fired on a singer:-

Nae wrote, “I think Ariana no gave up back fishing and now she is giving way to Asian fishing. We love her music and talent but this taking her to hell.”

Evan wrote, “why are people defending Ariana Grande? I understand a parasocial relationship but just her name is enough to defend her. She is known for fetching to another race and she so Asian Fishing.”

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