It seems like that it has finally happened for Argentina as they have managed to win the Copa America as they have beaten Brazil in the thriller with the score of 1-0 and this is going to be the first major title for the country which they are going to be holding in 28 years, the title also means a lot as it is the first major international title for the superstar Lionel Messi as the match ended, Messi was in tears and the teammates lifted him up and we’re throwing him in the air out of joy.

Argentina Vs Brazil Copa América Final

Argentina Vs Brazil Copa América Final

The winning goal that came for Argentina was at the Maracana stadium which is situated in Rio De Janeiro and the goal came in the 22nd minute as a pass was made to Angel Di Maria and it was a long pass, the player who is one of the veterans and one of the most skilled players when we talk about football, he was counting on the sloppy defending of the left-back naming Renan Lodi as Angel Di Maria lobbed it past the goalkeeper naming Ederson.

the goal that the team Brazil conceded was only the third goal that has been consumed by the team in the whole tournament, Neymar did his best as he was dribbling the ball and he was trying to find shooting space and he even tried to assist many times but it seems like that it wasn’t the day of Brazil but we are not taking anything away from Argentina as they really showed up with their A-game.

The performance of Messi was not up to the mark if we talk about the final match but he has been pretty impressive in the previous matches and one of the reasons that the team showed heart is because of the legend Messi as we all are aware that the player is going to be retiring in some years and all of the things that he has won in his career, a major international trophy has always been missing for the player but that is not the case anymore.


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