When you mention gambling cities in the world, if your list does not have Macau, then you are not well familiar with the betting industry. Together with Hong Kong, Macau is a special administrative region of China. It was a former colony of Portuguese but the city was transferred back to China some years to the turn of the millennium on the condition that Macau would maintain some level of autonomy for a considerable time.

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Perhaps due to reduce power influence from the mainland, the city enjoys some form of freedom and is not subjected to some of the laws that are applicable in other parts of China. Within a short time, the city has grown to be one of the richest, not just in China but also in the world. Most of the wealth comes from gambling activity. Due to betting sites south africa many have come to refer to the city as the Vegas of China.

In the city, you will find some of the most extravagant betting outlets. In this article, we will explore Macau bets and attempt to answer questions that many ask including “is their sports betting in Macau? “, “what sports can I bet on in Macau?”, and others that revolve around betting sites in Macau. Kate Richardson, an online betting expert posits that Macau bet is the most lucrative in the world. To read more about Kate Richardson’s insight on Macau bet and other online sports betting analyses click here.

Before answering the question is there sports betting in Macau? “and “ what sports can I bet on in Macau?” we need to explore important aspects that can help us understand Macau bet. These aspects are the history of betting in Macau and the legality of online gambling in the world’s betting capital.

History of Macau bet

Macau bet has a long history; it goes back to the fifteenth century when popular Chinese traditional gambling games were introduced. During the reign of the Portuguese gambling was legalized a move that historians believe helped in economic stimulation. Macau bet grew but when the Portuguese left there were some changes although the reforms did not affect the sector since the city remained semi-autonomous.

The legality of Macau bet

Online betting in Macau is legally accessible through two gambling sites, namely the Jockey Club and Macau slot. It is at the Macau slot where those who are interested in sports betting markets can play. Macau Jockey club allows those who would like to wager on horse racing to do so without necessarily breaking the law.

With no regulatory system, most of the bettors resort to international bookies to wager. Bettors use the loophole created by the absence of legislation on online sports betting to take part without breaking the law.

The two options that allow the citizens in the city to legally engage in online sports betting provide bets for pre-game as well as during the matches. For the Macau Jockey Club, bettors can place Tote-style bets for the horse races taking place in Hong Kong and Macau. Apart from the two sites, Macau bettors can access other Asian and international bookmakers. Particularly Asian bookmakers are popular with bettors in Macau. Some of the major bookies who have given access to Macau bettors include:

  • Dafabet
  • 188bet
  • 138bet
  • Ladbrokes
  • BetVictor
  • Pinnacle sports

One thing that bettors looking for sports in Macau need to note while using the international bookmakers is that most have a clause where they have absolved themselves from responsibility. Bettors need to exercise caution as the bookmakers will not be blamed when they are caught on the wrong side of the law.

Top sports played in Macau

When it comes to sports in Macau, bettors enjoy watching and wagering on a wide variety of matches and tournaments. Apart from football and horse racing, the top sports played in Macau, you are also likely to find water sports in Macau bet.

Horse racing

It is one of the popular sports in Macau having been introduced in the form of trotting but never took off immediately. Some of the highlights in the horse racing calendar include the Macau Gold Cup, Chairman’s Challenge Cup, and Macau derby. From April running to the summer, punters in Macau are packed with action as many horse racing events take place during the period.


It is not just in Asia that football is a big betting sport, in Macau; it is in the same league as the water sports in Macau. The local league does not attract a lot of interest for the Macau bettors; most of the betting is on the other leagues in different parts of the world especially the European league as well as during the major international matches.


With several sports domes in Macau, you expect to find lots of action in the city. Basketball and extreme sports events are held in these facilities and they are known to attract sizeable crowds. The national team may not attract lots of action but the interest shown by fans in the country may be the reason why it has participated in the Asian Championship. Apart from watching the games played at the sports dome in Macau, basketball fans are also interested in top tournaments including the FIBA World Cup and NBA.

Macau is a vibrant betting city; bettors can enjoy wagering for their favorite sports using the available betting sites. While at it, they should familiarize themselves with the law and perhaps use the gaps to engage in betting without having to look over their shoulders.


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