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Are Russell Hill and Carol Clay Found? Man Arrested Over Missing Couple Campers Arrest


Are Russell Hill and Carol Clay Found? Man Arrested Over Missing Couple Campers Arrest: We are here with the news about the couple who was missing for a long. Well, there is a piece of good news and that is officials arrested a suspect of them and now he is under custody so hopefully, the missing couple will going to be found soon. Rusell Hill and Carol Coy went on a campaign in Wonnangatta Valley. And this was their most terrible trip as they are missing and their family members are worried. Last they connected to their family on 20 March 2020. Follow More Update OnĀ GetIndiaNews.com

Russell Hill and Carol Clay Found

Are Russell Hill and Carol Clay Found?

As per the reports released by the officials they might have been murdered on the same night since they were lost as after deep research of them they weren’t been found yet nor even their dead bodies. So this remains the officials in the confusion whether they were dead or not. The police of Victoria has been keeping on working on the case for the last 20 months and now they are finally getting something strong against the case. They arrested a suspect of the old couple who is still missing. So let us also tell you that Carol was 73 years old whereas the age of Rusell hasn’t been confirmed yet.

So what was adhered to them is still not clear yet but as per the other campers’ statement, they left for the trip on 19 March, and on 20th March they were campaigning at Wonnangatta Valley. But the next morning when campers woke up they saw that the campsite is scorched and a car was a bit damaged. Then they use to be informed by the police without any more delay.

Man Arrested Over Missing Couple Campers Arrest

A man who is the suspect of the couple is 55 years old and he is from Caroline Springs he has been arrested by the police on 22 November. Police cathed him from ALps with the help of the helicopter. When he was arrested he was at the campaign. And his arrest will be going to unveil all the suspense and even what has happened to the couple. Their family is in relief that at least now they will going to get know what had happened to their loved ones.

The daughters of the couple are in relief that they will be going to know what happened to their parents or where they are still alive or not? Rusell was 74 years old. Stay glued to us to grab more updates on the same.

A piece of news is coming straight from Australia that a man has been arrested in connection with the two campers’ missing case. Yes, you read it right that Australian Police have taken a man into custody. Around 20 months ago, two campers went missing from a national park and the investigation of the missing case is still going on. The case has gained huge attention when it became the headlines. Currently, the news of a missing case is making headlines after a man was detained in connection with the missing case. If you want to know the details regarding the missing case then read this article carefully.

Missing Couple Campers Arrest

As per the sources, a man has been arrested recently by the Australian police for suspicion of linking with the two campers’ missing case. The two disappeared campers are Russell, 74, and Carol Clay, 73 who have disappeared for 20 months. They were heard last on 20 March 2020 when they talked to a friend over a phone call from their remote campsite in Victoria. It has become the largest missing persons investigation of the state as there is no evidence have found to reach the missing persons.

On Tuesday, the Victoria Police department stated that they have arrested a man in connection with the case. The unidentified man is 55 years old man from Melbourne. The man was arrested by the police but didn’t charge. The police are questioning him into custody regarding the case. According to the investigators, Russell and Carol went missing after speaking to their friend using a high-frequency radio. The pair were managing a camp in the Wonnangatta Valley, near a camping ground in the Victorian Alpine National Park.

The next day, the passersby noticed their campsite ruined by fire, however, no one reported the police till that week. Later, the campers saw that Mr Hill’s car parked nearby also had fire marks. The police have posted many extensive searches, finding the clues in the rugged terrain. The families of Russell and Carol are also asking for information. Last month, Russell’s daughter Debbie stated, “It’s really hard. It’s not getting any better not knowing. It’s just unknown – he just disappeared and you’re just stuck in the middle.” Currently, the police are questioning the arrested man. If we get any updates regarding the case, we’ll update you immediately for sure. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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