April Fools Cookie Run Kingdom Cookies: As all of us very well know the developers of Cookie Run Kingdom never fail to increase the engagement of the game lovers by introducing new challenges and events in the game and now The April Fools 2022 event is here which is referred to be as Shroomie Shenanigans. People are eager to learn about this newly launched challenge and we have done an in-depth study to give you precious and accurate information regarding this event. So go down the page and read all the sections of this article that are placed below on this page. Kindly scroll down the page to take a peek at the below-placed sections. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

April Fools Cookie Run Kingdom Cookies

April Fools Cookie Run Kingdom Cookies

By completing various tasks we can turn our beloved cookie into a human. Here we have given everything that you should try to attain the transformation to get rainbow shrooms. Licorice Cookie and Prison Mushroom Cookie are playing the April Fool prank with other cookies for rainbow shrooms. By consuming this mysterious new item the cookie will turn into a human or new character. There is a unique transformation for every cookie along with strange and new voice lines. The forms of transformed cookies into humans can be like anime or comic-like characters.

To attain a transformation of cookies players will need a rainbow shroom with that players to have to perform tasks successfully. Players will be rewarded with a shroom for every successful task in the event. Players can use shrooms to play pranks with their cookies. Players have to feed shrooms to their cookies to turn them into humans. As mentioned above players will also get a small reward for every transformation. Kindly look at the next section of this article to learn more about the event.

According to the reports, this April Fools 2022 event will be on cards till 14th April 2022 as it is an event of 15 days. Players keep in mind to complete all the tasks before the deadline of the event. Most of the transformations will appear as a human but there are some unique appearances also. Various appearances can be seen on Reddit where a user shared the appearances of the transformations. For now, that is all on this topic, for further information and updates on this topic kindly keep visiting our web page as we will add to this section as soon as we get more information about this event.


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