Apple has sold 62 million iPhone units in the last quarter, and this was 77.3 million units last year during the same period. This was reported by a securities research firm. The firm went on to say that even though the quarterly iPhone sales had been down all over the world, Apple had managed to keep its iPhone base in the US to 189 million units which was 185 million units in the September quarter. Apple stopped sharing its unit sales for their products, hence no official figures for the iPhone unit sales have been out.

report by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) said that the research firm derived this iPhone unit sales number from their estimated average selling price (ASP) of the iPhone and Apple’s iPhone revenues. CIRP then calculated the ASP which came up to $839 for the quarter which ended in December 2018. It was noted that the global iPhone install base had increased by 2 percent from the September quarter and by 14 percent from the December 2017 quarter. The install base was up by 5 percent in the United States in the September quarter and 19 percent more in the same period last year.

Josh Lowitz, the CIRP Partner, and Co-Founder said – “As Apple has indicated, iPhone revenues have declined in comparison to last year, and it was driven primarily because of the reduced demand in the overseas markets. US sales have remained stable, and this has shown slight growth in the US installed base as well.”

Apple had revealed that its quarterly earnings report indicated an overall iPhone install base of 900 million iPhones. The company went on to say that their iPhone revenue had declined by 15 percent year-on-year to $51.9 billion (approximately Rs. 3,70,000 crores), but their services revenue had increased to $10.8 billion (approximately Rs. 77,000 crores).


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