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No, Apple Isn’t Coming Out With ‘Smart Wedding Ring’


No, Apple Isn’t Coming Out With ‘Smart Wedding Ring’: Whenever we thought about buying any smartphone or laptop the first name that comes to our mind is “Apple”. Apple is world popular brand that is known for designing products that are atypical. The brand is once again in the talk of the town but this time not with the launch of new smartphones or laptops but with ” Smart Wedding Rings”. Surprising right? Let’s get to know more about rings or also the news is real or not? Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Apple Smart Wedding Rings

Apple Smart Wedding Rings

As per a recent social media post which claims that Apple is making a “smart wedding ring” that makes it potential to spy on a spouse. But hold on, don’t be get happy as it is just a prank. Several online pranks have been taken seriously for the past years, and the suggestion that the brand “Apple” is creating a “smart wedding ring” has now been added to this prank list. Online jokes can be irritating or amusing, which is fully dependent on the pointing view of the reader. Such as Google’s “Gmail Mic Drop” joke from the year 2016 was lambasted by users for disrupting their businesses and jobs.

Apple is one of the leading innovators and has launched a number of products over the years that have been replicated by other innovators. The iPod, the AirPods, and the iPhone are just a few examples where the firm has come out with a product that is created a forwarded and new an existing industry. Because of this, even when someone pranks about the firm launching a new product, no matter how bizarre it might sound, there are some that are likely to take it seriously.

A Tweet Claimed That Apple Is Making A Smart Wedding Rings 

The latest viral tweet this week asserted that Apple is creating a set of “smart wedding rings” that will aid people to spy on their partners. As per the post, the rings will be able to detect the location of the wearer and will automatically alert the partner if the person takes it off. The Tweet also came with an intricate render of the ring which appeared to suggest that Apple was, to be sure, working on such a product.

This post soon went viral, getting 1000s of Quote Tweets and more than 1,000 likes. It is tough to tell whether it was meant to be an innocent prank or to be a hoax, but it gathered a lot of traction. In reality, Apple is not working on smart wedding rings to aid married people to track their spouses.

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